Research Grants

At Virteasy Dental we are keen to help advance the fields of haptic and virtual reality (VR) simulation to improve the level of education in universities around the world.

Here we will list the grant and funding opportunities that exist for dental universities to acquire haptic and VR technologies.

Funding Opportunities

Epic MegaGrants

Virteasy Dental Next-Gen is being built on the Unreal Engine thanks to an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games. If you are an educational institution and want to do research on Virteasy Dental Next-Gen, then you too can benefit from this generous programme.

Under project type choose: Education.
For targeted platforms we use: Linux, Windows and VR (other).

Research Topics

Virtual Patient Diagnosis
Being able to interact with the patient for consultation and use the haptics to diagnose the patient and decide on the treatment plan.

Patient Animation & Interaction
The addition of soft-tissue that you can touch, patient movement during treatments and the simulation of blood.

Validation of shadows and lighting in UE for 3D haptic depth perception
An interesting topic is whether the use of advanced shadows and lighting within the Unreal Engine removes the need for an active 3D screen or projection system to give the sense of depth perception.

Virteasy x MetaHuman (UE)
The MetaHuman project is a really exciting, realistic, character generator. We are looking into integrating this with Virteasy Dental. We also need to be able to take a patient scan (intra-oral / CT) and match this to the mouth of the virtual patient.

Validation of Virteasy V2
The new simulator design with 2 screens requires a validation study to assess its ergonomics and educational use.

Virteasy VR Development
Developing the fully-immersive dental simulation, that allows you to do everything whilst wearing a VR headset. E.g. creating a new tool selection menu that can be done intuitively in VR etc.

Validation of Virteasy VR
Virteasy Next-Gen includes the option of removing the secondary monitor to give full VR immersion with additional hand-tracking. Again, this needs validating for its academic use.

Validation of Unreal Engine for dental simulation
We have migrated from other open source engines to the Unreal Engine. The new simulation will need validating that it is able to handle all the requirements to be usable for dental simulation.

Hand Tracking Methods (HTC, Oculus etc)
With the hand-tracking functionality, we would like to experiment and assess the various solutions (e.g. externally mounted camera, Open XR, motion capture gloves…) to move forward with the best option for compatibility, performance and functionality

Validation of which VR headsets for dental simulation
With so many VR headsets hitting the market (Oculus, HTC….), it would be interesting to research whether there is one most suited to dental simulation.

Dental mirror for indirect vision
We currently use an advanced tracking system to position a 3D printed tool for the dental mirror, which offers the user the choice of two handed operation just like a real treatment. There are many other options we could also test: additional haptics for contact, hand-tracking with cameras and a real dental mirror…

Simulations in other topics
Now that we have a mature simulation framework with Virteasy Dental, it’s possible to extend the technology to other simulations.

Tele-dentistry and tele-training
Although not possible with our current haptics device, it is possible to use another haptic arm which would open the possibility to a teacher performing an operation and the student being able to follow the motions through their own haptics device to learn good behaviours.

‘Expert’ Ghost
With our current haptics device, one way of teaching students the perfect simulation would be to have a semi-transparent ghost of the teacher’s ‘expert’ performance for the student to follow and learn from.

Haptic Player in Unreal
Now that haptics are officially integrated into the Unreal Engine for the first time, we would like to create a tool that enables the ability to record, save and replay the movements from the haptic arm. This will allow the replay of student’s performance for teachers to give feedback on.

Periodontics Module
We’ve wanted to add a periodontics module for a long time and would like to work with a university partner to make it a reality.

Anatomy Module
We’re adding a quiz creator to Virteasy Dental that will allow an anatomy module to be created.