Virteasy Dental is an alternative to other dental simulators: Nissin Simodont, Kobra Simulator, Voxel Man, Simtocare Dente.

Disclaimer: This page has been validated by Forsslund Systems for the Kobra simulator. Simodont ® , Nissin Dental Products Europe B.V. and Nissin Dental Products, Inc make it clear they do not wish to publish any information outside of their website. Therefore they do not endorse, nor validate, these comparisons, and are no way affiliated with us or it.

Nissin Simodont ®

Information: Nissin Simodont ®

Simulator Comparison

Whilst this page is under review, here is a comparison between Virteasy and Kobra simulator.



Kobra Simulator

Forsslund Systems has confirmed all the information to be fair and accurate comparing the Kobra simulator to Virteasy Dental.

Nissin (formerly Moog) Simodont ® Dental Trainer

Nissin has been sent the comparisons but does not wish to publish information outside of their website and therefore does not wish to validate the information. Simodont ®, Nissin Dental Products Europe B.V. and Nissin Dental Products, Inc. Please contact them directly for any enquiries or specifications.

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