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The 3D simulator that combines
virtual reality and haptics

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A new generation haptic simulator


Haptic tools and dental mirror

With Virteasy Dental, you can hold a haptic device for your dental tool in one hand and a precise tracking device in the other to perform two-handed treatments.

3D Immersive

Full VR patients and scenes

You are no longer limited to floating teeth and patient heads. Virteasy provides a fully virtual patient and scene to immerse students in their learning.


Using the Virteasy editor

Virteasy Editor is a powerful tool for importing patient scans, defining caries and fully controlling your specific cases to take learning to the next level.

Epic Games

Supported by the best

We received an Epic Mega Grant that allows us to integrate Virteasy Dental with Unreal Engine. Offering simulation capabilities beyond the competition.

The simulator : Equipment

Touch screen

The top screen of the simulator is a touch screen. It allows you to select the exercises and tools to be used.

Surgical view screen

The role of the lower screen in the simulator is to simulate the surgical view. With this bird’s eye view of the patient, students can practice in a posture similar to that of a real operation.

VR headset

It is possible for students to perform an exercise entirely in virtual reality. They integrate the 3D scene to perform an intervention on a virtual and animated patient.

Haptic arm

The haptic arm allows for realistic manipulation of the various tools, offering the possibility to feel the different resistances to contact with the tooth components. This haptic feedback technology provides an immersive and realistic experience, which helps students to develop their tactile dexterity and sensitivity.

Mirror tool

The mirror tool is a tracking device that provides a better view of the 3D scene and a complete and accurate view of the treatment area.

3d Mouse

The 3D mouse is a pointing tool that allows you to navigate efficiently in the 3D scene integrated into the simulator. It allows you to move virtual objects in space, to rotate them, to zoom in or to inspect the area to be treated from different angles.

RFID card reader

Logging in to the simulator is quick and easy thanks to the card reader system. Students log in to their personal account using their student card. Once logged in, they have access to all the features of the simulator and can start practising immediately.

Adjustable height

The simulator is equipped with a height adjustment mechanism, which allows the working position to be adjusted according to the needs of each student.


A foot switch at the foot of the unit provides additional interaction with the simulator. It allows the dental instruments to be activated and their power adjusted with the feet, freeing the hands to perform precise manipulations on the patient. It also allows you to control the air or water spray during their use.

More features for more possibilities


Students are self-assessing. They take the time to look at their work and identify what they have done well and what they can improve and pass on their observations to teachers.


A self-reflection quiz at the end of each exercise allows students to comment on their posture, positioning and other key aspects of their work.

Assisting students

Access Virteasy Assistant directly from the simulator. Receive notifications and leave comments on student exercises.

Animations Virteasy Dental

Full jaw

A natural jaw (mandible and maxilla) allowing the natural placement of teeth.

Haptic reader

Play, pause, rewind and move on – review the students’ work from all angles.

Customised toolboxes

Limit the tools available to students or give them several tools to further test their abilities.

3D printing

Create new exercises and export them to an open STL format for printing or use with phantom heads.

Implant planning

Compare planning between pupils and teachers.


Share your exercises internationally with our network of universities. Expand your reach and research.

3D printing

Export and print 3D models of student work.

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The teacher's tools

Browse the 2 software packages available to the teacher to manage the class and create exercises.

The exercises

Discover all the exercises proposed by the simulator.

Our team is at your disposal !

“Do you have any questions about our simulator ? Why not discuss it together. We’d love to talk to you ! “

The Virteasy Dental team

Our team is at your disposal !

“Do you have any questions about our simulator? Why not discuss it together. We’d love to talk to you ! “

The Virteasy Dental team

Many schools offer their students the opportunity to practice on the Virteasy Dental simulator.




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