The teacher has 2 programs on his PC: VIRTEASY ASSISTANT and VIRTEASY EDITOR.

IMG Titre Professeur

The 2 teacher software

LOGO Virteasy Assistant Vertical

Manage and evaluate users

Class management
Exercise management

LOGO Virteasy Editor Vertical

Create your own exercises

Importing scans
3D design
Exercise creation

ICONE Virteasy Assistant

Virteasy Assistant

Manage and evaluate users


ICONE Création profil

Profile creation

Student profile creation or import via CSV file.

ICONE Gestion classe

Class management

Adding student profiles to class groups.

ICONE Importation scan

Exercise by level

Submission of exercise lists by grade level.


ICONE Suivi des écrans

Screen monitoring

View of all simulator screens in the classroom live.

ICONE Auto-évaluation


Students’ self-evaluation of the exercise.

ICONE Evaluation

Obtaining the score

Score awarded by the simulator according to the evaluation criteria defined by the teacher.


ICONE Salle de classe


Password, logo, options,



Connection to the university’s

ICONE Temps d'utilisation

Time of use

Monitoring of the duration of use of
of simulators.

Virteasy Assistant in video

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ICONE Virteasy Editor

Virteasy Editor

Create your own exercises

VIRTEASY EDITOR offers the creation of different types of exercises for your students:
standard exercises with caries care,
implantology exercises,

Creation & evaluation of exercises

Standard exercises

ICONE Importation d'un scan

Importance of a scan

Importing an STL scan and editing the tooth components

ICONE Segmentation

Assignment of a caries

Importing a carie and positioning it on the tooth

ICONE Zone cible

Target area

Creation of the target area to be
restoration on the tooth

Implantology exercises

ICONE Importation d'un scan

Importing a scan

Import of a DICOM scan.

ICONE Affectation d'une carie


Creation of a segmentation to obtain the desired 3D view.

ICONE Planning


Import and positioning of an implant.


ICONE Création d'un quiz

Creating a quiz

Creation of a quiz with a true or false system.

ICONE Critères de réussite

Criteria for success

Definition of success criteria: number of correct answers and duration of the test.

Virteasy Editor in video

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Our team is at your disposal !

“Do you have any questions about our simulator ? Why not discuss it together. We’d love to talk to you ! “

The Virteasy Dental team

Our team is at your disposal !

“Do you have any questions about our simulator? Why not discuss it together. We’d love to talk to you ! “

The Virteasy Dental team

Many schools offer their students the opportunity to practice on the Virteasy Dental simulator.




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