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Teacher pc

teacher pc

The teacher PC allows you to do many things. Here’s just a few…

Comes with two Powerful pieces of software

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  • Manage student evaluations
  • Stream video live from the simulators
  • Customise the experience
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Virteasy Editor

  • Create new exercises
  • Manage and edit the existing library
  • Import patient scans (intra-oral and DICOM)
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Virteasy Editor

virteasy editor

Virteasy EDITOR

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Design a caries

You’re able to design a full case from the creation of the tooth / teeth, to the creation of the caries, the target and setting the evaluation criteria.

multi stl


With Virteasy you can control multiple STLS and multiple densities right within Virteasy Editor. No need to send us any files.


A fully capable implantology module allows you to import CT DICOM scans, add an STL segmentation and even select and plan the implant.

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